Monday, February 24, 2020

Evaluation of Social Media Marketing Campaigns Research Paper

Evaluation of Social Media Marketing Campaigns - Research Paper Example The researcher states that marketing is an organizational function that strives to promote it in order to boost its image, products, and services. In a business, the fundamental aim of marketing is to realize increased sales geared towards the profitability. It is a fact that one of the core objectives of a business is profit maximization, and businesses have various marketing strategies to realize this important objective. The conventional means of marketing in a company or an organization involved strategies like advertisement, branding, discounts, after sale services and free samples among others. These strategies majorly utilized print media, televisions and radios as a medium of communication. However, the contemporary society has witnessed immense technological advancements evidenced, for example by the invention and adoption of computers and internet technology. This technology has necessitated the development and use of social media where individuals and organizations can int eract online. At this juncture, it is necessary for us to understand the term, ‘social media’ in order to tackle the topic effectively. According to, social media is an instrument of communication through a website that enables people all over the world to access information and to interact with one another. The distinctive feature of social media from other instruments of communication is the fact that, apart from accessing the information, people are able to give their views online. Information on the social media is relayed to a large mass of people in real time and at affordable costs due to the internet technology. Due to these factors, together with its interactive nature, many companies have opted to use it to enhance their marketing campaigns. There are varied types of social media sites. Suraj, documents that there are three main categories of social media sites, social bookmarking, social networking and media sharing. Bookmarking involves utilizing t he bookmark function of the browser to create and save your account and share them with friends all over the world.

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